A Mayo Senator has questioned the National Transport Authority and Bus Eireann on the School Bus Transport Scheme.

Sinn Fein Senator Rose Conway-Walsh says there are a number of issues arising from what she describes as the inflexibility of the scheme.

Bus Eireann says the company is only taking instructions on how the scheme should operate from the Department of Transport.

She raised the case of a student who is a valid medical card holder, and her parents were advised that she was eligible for a seat on the bus. However she cannot use a seat on the bus, as there is no room on it at present. Her siblings are currently travelling on this bus.

Senator Conway-Walsh said she wanted to establish whose responsibility is it to ensure this girl has a seat on the bus. It was established that Bus Eireann need to get approval from the Department on this.

She also raised the issue of the timings under which applications must be submitted for a place on such bus routes.



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